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Carbon Arc Gouging Machines (CAG)

APS Welding offers heavy duty and reliable carbon arc gouging machines ranging from 600A to 1200A with duty cycle ranging from 60% to 100%. The arc characteristics are optimized specially for gouging application ensuring the welder gets the brute force form the power source. APS Gouging machines lets you open root or faulty welds, prepare welding grooves, cut metals, make holes, clean castings, remove excess metal.

Ensuring simplicity in operation, yet having advanced features like Arc Force, Hot Start, Voltage Reduction Device for safety. Internal protections from Over Current, Input power fluctuations, Phase loss, Over temperatures make the machine reliable and rugged. Remote facility gives additional ease of operation for the welder, wherein he can set the current from his workplace and need not move back and forth to the machine in order to set parameter.

IGBT Inverter delivers high current and yet consumes upto 60% less power compared to conventional gouging machines. These high frequency inverter also weigh less and are easy to transport compared to traditional machines.

Genesis Series – Reliable and Performing Carbon Arc Gouging and MMA Welding units.