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TIG Welding Machines (GTAW welding machine)

APS Welding provides the precise and durable, TIG welding machines ranging from 200A to 600A. The Apollo series are microprocessor based welding units. These machines are digitally controlled units with complete digital Pulse TIG cycle. All our GTAW welding machines come with inbuilt High Frequency start unit for enabling arc initiation without touching the job. These inverter TIG welding machine are highly efficient and consume lesser power when compared to conventional power sources.

Explore some of the best features like GAS-TEST, PRE-FLOW/POST-FLOW GAS, AUTO SHUT OFF(solenoid and open circuit voltage auto shut off when not welding), ARC-FORCE, HOTSTART, DUAL DIGTAL DISPLAY(Voltage and Current) of these high frequency welding machines. Additionally ensure machine and welder safety with our protection features that include Over Current (OC) protection, Over temperature (OT) protection, Under/Over Voltage(UV/OV) protection, VRD (Voltage Regulation Device) and missing phase (SP) protection. All the 3-Phase machines are capable of working between a huge range of voltage starting from 330V to 500V.

  • The APOLLO Series are our flagship models with high precision and addition usability features like WELD-O-METER and Password Lock. 
  • The GENESIS series is well known in the market for its simplicity, reliability, ruggedness and is  capable  of  serving  the customer  in  tough  environment. This series is available in both with and without Pulse TIG feature.
  • The DISCOVER series consist of the economic yet durable and performing range of products. TIG welders are most commonly used in Stainless steel welding and applications are Pharmaceutical plants, boilers, tanks, petroleum etc. 
Discover Tig Welding Machines - Reliable and performing yet economical TIG WELDING unit with inbuilt HF unit.
Genesis Tig Welding Machines - Heavy Duty Arc Welding Machines for Site and Heavy Engineering applications.
Apollo / Victor Pulse Tig Series - Premium Digital Power Sources (DIGICON Technology), with inbuilt HF unit and pulsing feature.
Storm AC/DC Series: AC/DC Digital Tig Welding for Aluminium Welding. Inbuilt Pulsing and HF Start feature.
ADD ON Units: Additional unit for TIG Welding setups.

For best performance of your 300A and above machines, a water cooled torch is the prime necessity. Water Cooling Unit with in-built flow pressure detector helps you keep your torch cool and gives it long life. Also, signals the machine when water flow rate is low and raises an error flag

Convert your scratch start TIG welder/ARC welder to a HF powered TIG welder using our special HF unit that can externally be connected to any machine.


Cold Wire Feeder: Industrial Heavy Duty TIG / GTAW Welder with Cold Wire Feeder
Cold Wire Feeder

Increase your production efficiency at least by 30% with this cold wire feeding system. The feeding system can completely run in sync with the power source TIG cycle, all thanks to its extremely precise and accurate TIG cycle parameter control.

Some of the major advantages of cold wire feeder are as follows:

  • Increases production efficiency since the consumable reload frequency decreases significantly.
  • Decreases dependency on welder skill with the help of automatic feeding system, welder left arm is practically free.
  • Consumable wastage reduces significantly(an estimated 20-30% less wastage has been observed).
  • Better and uniform weld quality is achieved.


Cold wire feeder is safely mounted on the TIG trolley. The whole system is portable and can be moved across with ease