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Arc Welding Machines (MMAW/SMAW/Stick)

Welding equipment have existed since the 19th Century and MMAW welding process is known to be one of the oldest welding processes. The evolution and technological advancement of the arc welding equipment and electrodes is commendable. We at APS have started our journey in 2003 by designing and manufacturing of Inverter based stick welder. APS Welding today provides the most reliable in its class, welding equipment ranging from 200A to 600A. The GENESIS series is well known in the market for its simplicity, reliability, ruggedness and is capable of serving the customer in tough environment. The DISCOVER series consists of the economic yet durable and performing range of products.

Portable/Durable Stick/Arc Welding Machines

The Discover Series offers an exceptional solution to your welding needs with its reliable and high-performing yet affordable arc welders. The machines utilize robust inverter technology, which enhances their efficiency and effectiveness. With these machines, you can enjoy the best value for your money compared to other welding machines in the industry. The versatility of these welders is unmatched, making them suitable for various applications such as industrial MMAW welding, general fabrication, construction, heavy engineering, and other welding applications. Their ability to deliver excellent results across different welding needs makes them one of the most coveted welding machines in the industry. Therefore, if you are looking for welding equipment that is both efficient and economical, the Discover Series is an excellent choice.

New Age/Rugged/Reliable Arc/Stick Welding Machines

The Genesis Series is a range of high-quality, heavy duty welding machines that are specifically designed for use in site and heavy engineering applications. These machines have been created using the most advanced and robust inverter technology available, ensuring that they are incredibly durable and reliable. One of the most impressive features of these machines is their innovative Weld-O-Meter technology, which allows supervisors to accurately measure the actual welding hours and productivity of the welder. This can be incredibly useful when it comes to managing projects and ensuring that deadlines are met. In addition, the IP23 design of these machines makes them highly resistant to tough outside environments, making them perfect for use in a variety of different settings. So whether you are working in construction, engineering, or any other industry that requires high-quality welding machinery, the Genesis Series is the perfect choice.

Why choose APS Arc welders?
  • Arc welders are used in sites where portability plays important role.
  • Low cost, high quality plays an important role in stick welding – hence efficiency, durability and weld quality is what APS offers you.
  • All environmental(Dust/Chemical) sustenance of equipment is highly recommended and offered by our equipment.
  • 8760 weld hours warranty.
  • Easy mobility, new age monitoring techniques, industry 4.0 compatibility.